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"It’s set in 1952 and Jessica plays this German lady who goes around and rescues the unwanted and the unwashed and the unloved and brings this troupe together. And it is indeed one of the last freak shows in America, and it’s under siege. Her perception is that the true freaks are the suburban women making martinis for their husbands and selling Tupperware. So it sort of has a lot of social context to it in a way that Asylum did, which I always loved. It had some gravitas. It was really about something. And I think that this has that as well, I hope, because it asks the question “in our society who really are the freaks and who are the normals?” That’s the underlying idea. And it has great sets and great makeup and hair, and the production values are off the hook. And it’s got a really great iconic villain this year that I’m quite fond of named Twisty. If you’re afraid of clowns, it’s not for you."
-Ryan Murphy on American Horror Story: Freak Show [x] (via pepperforpresident)